At some point in time, Hesoid was moved to form a poetic description of the ancient Greek mythological

cosmos, in much the same way that Herodotus documented it's histories.

Were these two men suddenly filled by the timeless spiritual power of myth or perhaps overtaken,

breathlessly by the eternal mysteries of life itself?

Was it a warm and gentle smile that captured their souls and compelled them to glorify in human terms,

the forces that move our lives and hearts?

Was it a contemplative gaze which directed their own thoughts to the transcendent, or perhaps the touch of a

playful breeze that struck some chord within them.

Transformed then by the poetic beauty around them, and enraptured by the transcendent moments of their own

mortal existence, they were drawn into the seamless connection of life and myth.

They lived in a dream...

Dreams @800 

Violet Tinting

Columbine @800
31" x 47" 38" x 52" 37" X 44"
Mixed Media on Canvas Mixed Media on Canvas Mixed Media on Canvas
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Smile Columbine @ 1200
39" x 52" 37" x 43"
Mixed Media on Canvas Mixed Media on Canvas