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Shortly after the air strikes on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon,

my daughter came home crying after
finding out that her algebra teacher's life had been threatened. 

She wondered how to tell him that she did not share
the same fears and prejudice that her classmates did...

I suggested that she speak to him with words from her heart.

My doctor is from Pakistan and we had a discussion about what had happened in New York City. 

During a
presentation he gave soon afterwards, I was moved to tears

as I listened to someone I've known for many years,

whose children I've seen grow up and share the same dreams as my own,

explain the underlying message of peace 
and acceptance which pervades the Islamic faith.

As he quoted passages from the Koran, I was struck by the parallels which weave themselves

throughout both the
Christian and Islamic faiths.

A complex weave of illustrations spoken to us with words that can wrap themselves around our hearts,

open them
up and pull us together...

Meditation Saffron Croton
54"x36" 43"x57" 36"x49"
Mixed Media on Canvas Mixed Media on Canvas Mixed Media on Canvas
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Crimson Petals Scattered Petals
36" x 54" 40" x 45"
Mixed Media on Canvas Mixed Media on Canvas

A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of each piece in this series,

 will be donated to UNESCO's

International Fund for the Diversity of Culture.